pheenak asked:

Hey there, my roomie and I have been following you and Gobi for a little while now and we lovin' you guys' stuff. Quick question for you in regards to brushes. I understand the idea that brushes don't REALLY matter in terms of making cool things, but in your case how picky are you when choosing a brush in whatever program you are painting in? Thanks in advance



Hey, thanks !

Brushes don’t matter but some brushes REALLY matter !Honnestly, I’m an awfull painter, when I have to take paper, gouaches, pastels… it’s a nightmare. Computers and drawing softwares saved my artistic life ! At first my digital work was very cold, I tried to change that when a friend gave me a set of brushes. One of them changed radically my work process. It forced me to let things go and to free my colour work.

Today, we can find a lot of incredible brushes, it’s insane !

My two favorites: (free and awesome)


Here is an exemple of 100%digital colouring (Kyle’s watercolour set) :

imageKolb and Gadiou from Agito Cosmos !

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the42towels asked:

How does one make a zine? Or, alternatively, do you mind explaining your particular zine process? I'm interested in making my own



Y’all don’t even know how happy I am when I get this question.

Okay, so, if anyone doesn’t already know, a zine is a wish your heart makes magazine/pamphlet/book-type creation. It’s usually self-published/published small-scale, and either sold, given away, traded, given to a distributor, or even just made for yourself. Because of the way they don’t require any outside permission or input to be made, they can and are made about pretty much anything under the sun. Poetry, diaries, art, collage, fiction, reviews, propaganda, advice, etc, etc forever. 


Sooo, given the individuality of zinemaking, there are about ten million ways (approximately) to make them. You can probably find tutorials online that go into detail with sewing, gluing, stapling, or whatever.

My personal favorite zine process is the folding method. I’m a college student/librarian who doesn’t often have access to a lot of office supplies or special sized paper, so it’s nice because you don’t need staples or anything else like that, just paper and something to write/draw on it with.

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little things that actually make a difference to general life happiness:
•drinking lots of water
•eating fresh fruit
•thinking positively about yourself and others
•washing your face twice a day
•changing your sheets once a week
•hot baths with Epsom salts
•face masks using from things in your house
•sleeping more than 7 hours per night
•reorganizing your clothes, makeup, possessions etc
•keeping your living space clean

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Retro Vintage Text Effects by Roberto Perrino.

This graphic resource gives you a quick & easy possibility to apply an high quality retro / vintage / old style to your text. You can use it on simple text, shapes and vector logo. You just need to replace them into the smart object of your favourite style included. Create a great poster or flyer, a facebook cover, a magazine title or a website banner and give them the vintage touch.

Download it here:

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